Dress You Up is one of the third rounds in Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Each team is presented with a model who is dressed in five items of clothing. The teams have to guess the artists who are associated with each item of clothing. A point is awarded for each item correctly identified for a maximum of five points.


A male model appeared to Sean Hughes' team wearing a woolly hat, a fake toothbrush moustache, an oversized jacket, a Volkswagen medallion and a Union Jack dress. The hat is Badly Drawn Boy, the moustache is Ron Mael of Sparks (which guest Phil Kay proceeded to rip off the model and Sean put between his eyebrows to imitate Noel Gallagher), the jacket is David Byrne of Talking Heads, the Volkswagen medallion is Beastie Boys and the Union Jack dress is Geri Haliwell.