Episode 199
Title Series 22, Episode 9
Air date 20 November 2008
Host Simon Amstell
Phill's team Barunka O'Shaughnessy
Kelly Jones
Davina's team Alesha Dixon
Mitch Hewer
Result Davina's team won
Episode guide
Previous Series 22, Episode 8
Next Series 22, Episode 10

The ninth episode of the twenty-second series was first broadcast on the 20 November 2008.


Team Guests Appearance №
Phill's Team Barunka O'Shaughnessy 1st
Kelly Jones 1st
Guest Team Alesha Dixon 3rd
Davina McCall 2nd
Mitch Hewer 1st

Final scoresEdit

Davina's team defeated Phill's team 12 points to 8.

External linksEdit

Each of the following links number this episode as 8 as they do not include Russell Brand's episode.

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